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Please review some of the kind comments that we have received about our "Fraternities of Excellence" clients. All comments are available for review at our office, and we will happily provide references to all the groups we are assisting.

We are in the first full year of implementation.  We hired AMG at the end of the last school year, and kicked them off with the beginning of this school year’s move-in. In my opinion, AMG has met or exceeded expectations on all fronts. 

We have always considered Chi Psi to be a well managed fraternity, but I have to say that after 4 months with the professional support of Allan and his crew, I feel like we were totally phoning it, in retrospect. They have institutionalized best practices in the areas of move-in procedure, building inspection, lease roll out, rent collection, and capital improvement planning, which has in turn gradually freed up our corporation to focus on issues of rush, pledge education, alumni relations and social policy. While it will take us a year or two to realize the full benefit of this transition, it is hard for me to imagine how we could have moved forward effectively without some elements of the AMG program in place.  

With respect to the undergraduates, there have been some expected bumps in the road as we make the transition, but by and large, the new system has been well accepted (and frankly AMG has replaced the individual members of the corp. as the first line of defense and chief javelin catchers).
I would be happy to discuss particulars with you in greater detail, but in summary, I highly recommend AMG – even if your hiring them means that Chi Psi will lose a competitive advantage over its competition.  

Alumni Corp. Vice President


Change can be difficult, but I feel the first couple months of the school year have gone very well, and the transition to AMG has been extremely smooth. Also, I am receiving the information I need (house inspection reports, monthly financial statements) in a timely fashion. George Conkey has been a great leader and works well with me and seems to be working very well with the undergraduate chapter.
A Greek chapter house facility has very unique needs, and the day-to-day and week-to-week responsibilities of chapter management quickly fall on the shoulders of one or two caring alumni volunteers. AMG's comprehensive management services have successfully relieved my housing corporation of this tremendous burden. AMG has delivered proactive property management according to our plan and has also successfully handled account billings and collections. My housing corporation can now focus on longer-term goals such as alumni networking, alumni events and capital campaigns. I look forward to working with AMG in the years to come.
House Corporation President


You and your colleagues at AMG are truly instrumental to the success of our house and your work is wholly appreciated.

I cannot tell you how many compliments I received this weekend about our Chapter House. Not only were pledges and current
brothers’ parents extremely impressed with the house, but sorority sisters parents as well continuously commented on the
beauty of our house.

Many alumni and parents enjoyed themselves immensely at the tailgate before the thrilling Michigan football game. Parents
and alumni had the chance to meet and interact with the current brothers and I have only received a tremendous amount of
positive feedback.

This is truly a testament to the hard work the all have put into the house.

Chapter President


Our relationship with Alpha is excellent.
  -They keep outstanding financial records (which takes a load off our treasurer).
  -They have experience dealing with fraternity membership and officers. This helps develop mature discussions with the undergrads
  rather than an adversarial relationship.
  -They use their experience with construction and remodeling to not only minimize cost but also to accurately forecast future costs.
  -Allan Lutes is trustworthy and does not "over-promise".
Overall, my work experience has taught me, reducing chaos in one area of an organization dramatically increases the stability and order of other aspects of that organization. The parallel for our fraternity is . . . a well run house promotes well run Social, Rush, Risk Management, Etc.
Based on the above, you can tell that I have no problems giving a very positive recommendation for Alpha.
House Corporation President


When our fraternity lost their standing with the National and the University, our house was a disaster. We entered into an agreement with Alpha Management Group to not only perform renovation services in the house but to become our house manager as well. As a result of these two actions, the house is in the best shape it has been in for years and the house is fully occupied by non active personnel and is making money on a monthly basis. Their attention to detail and living up to their commitments has made it a great pleasure to deal with them. Their level of involvement in the rental process, and ongoing review of the physical condition of the house will end up in our saving a good bit of future investment in the house. It is our intent to continue to utilize their services when our fraternity returns to the Michigan campus.
I am happy to discuss this matter in greater detail with anyone who would like to know more about our excellent experience with this firm. I would encourage anyone who has renovation and/or management needs to contact Allan Lutes at Alpha Management Group directly.
House Corporation President

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