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Member Log In and Payment Instructions

Fraternity and Sorority Members

For members and parent guarantors of fraternities or sororities managed by Alpha Management Group, you may log into your online account, view your account balance, make online payments and submit service requests through AMG's online system by clicking on the link below:

Answers for Common Portal Questions

1. How do I get a password to log in to the Online Portal?

After you sign your lease or membership agreement, the member and any guarantor that signed the agreement will be emailed information on how to register and create your password for the portal. If you have yet to receive that information, please click on the "AMG Portal Log In" button at the top of this page, then click on "Register Now" in the lower left corner of the Log In screen. This will gnerate a registration window that will allow you to enter your information. Click "Register" at the bottom of the registration window, and your request is sent to AMG's Member Services team. They will issue you log in credentials typically within one business day.

2. How Do I Make an Online Payment?

When you log into your account on the portal, click on the "Lease" icon on the blue navigation bar. Under the "Payments" heading, there should be options for "Make a One Time Payment" and "Managed Scheduled Payments". If both of these options are not listed under the Payment heading, click the "Refresh" symbol on the upper right hand corner next to the "Lease" heading. (See diagram below). These options should both now appear. You may click on the payment option you prefer. The "Manage Scheduled Payments" option is to set up a recurring payment from your bank or credit card. It will not work to make a single payment. Please use the Make a One Time Payment option to make a single payment. Please also verify that your bank routing number and account number are entered correctly, as errors in these numbers often cause transactions to be declined.

Payment Screen

3. I made an online payment. Why doesn't it show up on my account?

Payments must be accepted and processed by the merchant processing service before they will show up on your online account. This often takes one to two business days after you make your payment. However, the date and time used for the receipt of your payment will correspond to when you processed it through the online system, not when it is processed by the merchant processing service. Our software provider is working on an update that will provide you with an immediate email receipt when making an online payment so you will have immediate confirmation when a payment is made. We hope that this enhancement will be available soon.

4. How do I add another person to my account so they can make online payments?

To add a person onto your account who has not already signed your lease or membership agreement, you must contact AMG's Member Services team and provide the person's name and email address. For your security, we require that someone that is already a signatory on your lease or membership agreement be the one that contacts AMG with this request, and that person will be asked to provide answers to specific questions to verify your identity. If you know who the Member Services staff person is that is assigned to your group, please contact them directly at their phone extension or email address. If you are unsure of who that person is, you may email After receipt of the needed information, additional accounts are typically set up within two business days.

5. I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?

Click on the "AMG Portal Log In" button above. Click on "Forgot Your Password" link in the center of the Portal Log In screen. You can enter information related to your account, and our online system will automatically email you instructions on how to retrieve your password. If you are unsure of which of your email addresses was used for you in our system, it is typically the email address to which your lease or membership agreement was sent.

6. Why don't my chapter dues show up on my online account statement?

For many of our groups, AMG only collects the fees associated with the member's housing. For these groups, the chapter may collect dues, food service or other charges on its own, or may use another online service for collecting these charges. Members should contact their chapter treasurer for information on how to make these payments.

For some groups, AMG collects chapter dues on behalf of the chapter and separately collects the housing charges on behalf of the property owners. In this case, when you log into AMG's Online Portal, you will see a screen listing two accounts. Click on the housing account to see and pay housing charges. Click on the chapter account to see and make payment on the chapter charges. In these cases, you will need to process two payments within our system so the charges on both accounts are paid.

7. Can I pay by U.S. mail or in person?

Payments may be made by mail or delivery to the address below: Please make payment by check or money. Sorry, but cash is not accepted. Please put your street address on the memo line of the payment. If you are paying on behalf of a member, please also put the member's name on the memo line.

Alpha Management Group
6921 Jackson Road, Suite 100
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Payments at our office may be made from 9:00 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. We are closed on major holidays.

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