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Leadership Training

We believe that the only way to ensure the long-term success of an organization is through regular, consistent training. The old model in which groups relied on upperclassman to train younger members is simply not effective. Our culture and society has changed significantly over the past decades. We are faced with greater governmental regulations, new laws, risks management concerns, insurance requirements, policies from the national organizations, and rapid technological changes. Simply put, today's students do not have the experience, training or maturity to successfully navigate the situations alone.

We must focus more of our attention on providing members with the training needed to successfully lead a fraternity or sorority. To keep our organizations on a positive path, we must regularly share the core values of our organizations and how they are relevant to a student’s and an organization’s success. We can utilize effective training to develop unity, common purpose and shared goals within our members.

Only through regular training programs can alumni leaders make sure that their chapters receive critical information and understand how the chapter can best operate. Many national organizations provide excellent training related to current issues and concerns. However we find that their training often focuses on more global or general issues. The training related to the direction of the local chapter and managing its facility is best provided at the local chapter level. AMG has developed the training models to assist alumni in delivering this training.


Leadership Based on Values and Ethics
More than ever before, we must train our members to make good leadership decisions. Our young leaders need to understand that the foundation for making good decisions lies in the sound moral values that our Greek organizations are founded upon. Because of this, all of our leadership training models begin with our program, Leadership Based on Values and Ethics.

This program first focuses on training the chapter officers, which is then followed by training with the entire chapter. This program helps them identify and better understand how the principles of their organization apply to leading the chapter in everyday life. This training helps them develop their own common mission and vision that is based on the values of the organization, and it teaches them how to make decisions based on those values. We feel that this program helps positively develop the character of the members and establishes the model for all future leadership roles and decision-making.

Strategic Planning and Teambuilding
Chapters often lose focus of the true purpose of their organizations. Through an annual strategic planning and goal setting process, the chapter can regain that focus and properly prioritize its activities. Our training includes a chapter officer retreat followed by a chapter retreat with agendas specifically focused on developing goals and action plans that are based on the principles and values of the organization. Through common sharing and debate, the members develop a common vision and unite behind manageable goals. This process strengthens the team, builds common purpose and propels the chapter in a positive direction.

Recruitment Training
Only after a chapter understands its principles and values can it implement a truly effective recruitment program. A chapter needs to understand what it is, and what it wants to become in order to recruit the members that will share that vision. This program is an intensive, multi-month training program that involves both alumni and the chapter. It teaches the chapter how to recruit and the alumni how to continually train the chapter in these methods for years to come.

This program develops a recruitment committee and a new model for its activities. We work with the chapter to prepare proper recruitment tools and implement methods to locate prospective members that will share and support the chapter's vision. We assist with developing a communication program that will effectively engage prospective members and invite their involvement. We undertake a rush retreat with the entire chapter so that all members can become more effective at meeting new people, developing conversational skills, delivering a positive message about the organization, and evaluating prospects for membership.

Alpha Management Group believes so strongly in the success of this program that our fees are completely tied to the success of your group’s recruitment efforts and no payment is required until the prospective members affiliate with your group. This provides no risk and no upfront costs to the organization, as well as a guaranteed return on investment for any new members recruited.

Alumni Association Best Practices
Alumni groups also require training to understand how they can maximize their efforts in the development of their chapter and alumni programs. We share with the alumni leaders a successful organizational structure for their alumni group and help develop focuses on chapter advising, facility management, and alumni relations. We share techniques methods for recruiting new alumni volunteers and on how to delegate responsibilities in a manner that will not overwhelm alumni volunteers. The result is a revitalized alumni organization and greater participation from a broader group of alumni volunteers.

Chapter Advisor Training
This simple, straightforward training provides alumni volunteers with a game plan of essential activities that need to be coordinated by alumni advisors on an annual basis. This program is designed to develop an Alumni Advisory Team and tasks that can be delegated to multiple volunteers to increase its effectiveness and decrease the burden on any single alumni volunteer. Alumni advisory teams or chapter advisors can utilize this plan to keep the chapter focused, ensure training in essential areas, and maintain positive momentum at the chapter level.

Chapter Treasurer Training 
We have witnessed several occasions in which chapter resources have been mismanaged causing financial hardship for the chapter and damage to its reputation. Even with highly intelligent college students, we often see poor financial planning, budgeting and recordkeeping. The results can put a chapter in a financial hole for years. Our training is designed to educate the Chapter Treasurer in the basic skills needed to be successful in his office. Topics include implementing an accounting chart of accounts, budgeting, cash flow projections, managing receivables and payables, and successful collection strategies. This program is free to AMG clients that are participating in our facility management program.

House Manager Training 
The House Manager is one of the most important leadership roles for a chapter. The House Manager sets the expectations for the level of care and cleanliness of the facility and holds the members accountable. AMG’s training program helps House Managers understand their responsibilities and implement an effective house jobs program for the members. We share techniques on how to communicate expectations to the members; how to motivate the members; and how to effectively enforce the program without causing conflict within the group. This program is free to clients that are participating in AMG’s facility management program.
Kitchen Steward Training
If your group provides food services on-site and the members have any responsibilities for coordinating or cleaning up, we highly recommend that a member participate in our Steward training program. Topics discussed include how to effectively coordinate a food service program, employing kitchen staff, catering options, menu planning and ordering, and proper sanitation guidelines. This program is free to clients that are participating in AMG’s facility management program.

Academic Chairperson Training 
A primary goal of a fraternity or sorority is to help its members excel academically and graduate from college. We recommend that chapters engage in an ongoing program that encourages academic success. Academic Chairperson training includes simple strategies that can be employed to improve a chapter’s academic performance. Topics include setting academic standards, monitoring grade-point averages, study table programs, tutoring programs, recruiting academic advisors, and academic awards programs. By implementing these simple techniques, groups can see academic improvement within one semester.

Interview Preparation Skills
Today's students are highly interested in improving their opportunities for employment and advancement. One of our most requested training programs helps alumni and chapter members work together to properly prepare members for their job search. This is a highly interactive program and includes resume reviews, proper interview attire, preparing for an interview, and holding mock interviews. These workshops not only assist the members, but turn out to be excellent brotherhood/sisterhood events with lots of interaction between alumni and undergraduates.

How To Become A Gentleman: A Shortcut to Success
Manners, etiquette, and proper dress are often overlooked in today's society. However, this makes people with the proper social graces standout above their peers even more. This seminar covers essential skills for success including etiquette, professional courtesies, table manners, conversational skills, and appropriate attire. We believe that becoming recognized as a gentleman will give you and advantage in attaining better first job, a more successful career, and better relationships with the women in your life.

Additional Training Programs
We are constantly developing new training programs for our clients. If you have a training need and don't see it in our listings, please ask us about it. We may be willing to develop a program just for your group, or develop the program so that we can offer it not only to your group, but to others as well.


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