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Facility Management

Your chapter house is typically your group’s most valuable asset. Your property represents your image to the community. The chapter house is the center of activity for your group; a place that is supposed to be comfortable and safe for your members. It is the icon that binds all members together, past and present; the location that alumni members will return to every time they visit campus. Its condition plays a significant role in recruiting new members and in determining if alumni will make a donation. Your property is the focal point of your chapter and it plays a critical role in the success of your organization.

Given the importance of the property to a fraternity’s success, why are so many of them not better maintained?

The traditional model of having alumni volunteers manage the day-to-day operations of the facility, its leases, rental collections, food service, repairs and maintenance, and paying bills rarely works. It takes too much time, effort and specialized skills for volunteers to consistently bear the burden of these duties. With alumni in charge, important activities start to slip, and the facility begins a downward spiral. That spiral can often only be reversed by holding a huge fundraising campaign and pouring money back into the facility to repair the years of needless neglect.

Alpha Management Group has developed a comprehensive facility management program that institutes the best practices of property management, financial management, member communications, preventative maintenance, and capital improvement planning. We have a team with specialized training in each of these areas. AMG has made a significant investment in technology to improve efficiency. Simply stated, we invest the time, systems and resources that volunteers cannot.

Our program is designed to support the ideals of educating the members and providing leadership opportunities within each group. Fraternity leaders still play a key role in making decisions and determining the group’s direction. AMG provides the information and training so that both undergraduate and alumni members can be more effective in their roles, and we are a safety net that protects the group’s interests should a member fail in his duties.

This comprehensive program begins with an analysis of your property and your operations. From this, AMG develops a detailed management plan that is designed to effectively address all of the critical functions. This plan addresses:

  • Financial management and accounting
  • Monthly Budgets and Annual Rent Studies
  • Member Relations and Communications
  • Rent and Dues Collections
  • Leases and membership agreements
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Capital Improvement Planning
  • Vendor qualification and payment
  • Regular and emergency repairs
  • Inspections for cleanliness and damages
  • Code and Insurance compliance
    • The results of this program are a significantly improved facility and organization. This program typically improves the efficiency, eliminates waste, and decreases costs to a level that AMG’s fees are completely covered by the improved financial performance.

      Doesn’t it make sense to investigate implementing professional management when it will add little to or even improve your group’s bottom line?

      In addition to improved financial importance, consider the value added to the alumni organization:

      • Reduced work load for the alumni
      • Improved decision making
      • Greater alumni involvement
      • More funds going to improve the property, not repair damages
      • Improved alumni relations and fundraising
        • The advantages of this program are not exclusive to the alumni organization. The chapter, its members and their parents also appreciate:

          • Ongoing support for the chapter officers
          • Better safety for members and guests
          • Quicker response to questions and problems
          • Smoother more in and move out processes
          • Convenient internet payment and document signing
            • Please contact Alpha Management Group so that we can discuss how our Facility Management program can benefit your group.

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